Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rolling File Cabinet- GONE!

Lots of cool, old stuff - and its all free!

Black Plastic Stack Chair- GONE!

Black Plastic Stack Chair - - GONE!

Door- GONE!

Another Door- GONE!

More where these came from!

Track Lights- GONE!

Designer Stools- GONE!

Todd Oldham, I think.

Black Couch- GONE!

This one has been around for years! From a farm to a group house in Mt. Pleasant to the Warehouse Cafe. Practically indestructible!

Blue Metal Things- GONE!

Easel - Table Top- GONE!

Kitchen Table - Black- GONE!

Vase x 3

Wall Rack and Vase- GONE!

Vase and Lamp

Restaurant Table Top

Kitchen Work Table

Folding Chairs

Got a bunch.

Ikea Couch x 2 - Red

Ikea Couch - Black

Another Dusty Table

Chalk Board


Picture Frame (I think)

Metal Chair and Foot Stool

Wood Stool

Coffee Table - Hollow Legs

Currently the legs are filled with Cheerios. But you can eat those and put in something else. We have 2.

Ikea Bar Stool

We used these in the Warehouse Bar. Several in stock - maybe 8 or 9.

Painted Ikea Chairs

Maybe a half dozen of these.

Garden Chairs

We have several of these.

Kitchen Chair

Tall Rolling Table

Office Chair

Classic Bentwood Shape

Daring color choice!

Dusty Table

Black Metal Stool

Empty Mirror